Website Testing Services

A common problem we see with many websites, is whether a website has cost peanuts or megabucks, the developers fail to do sufficient website testing, with the resultant embarrassment for the client when the website fails to work properly in a specific browser. This is just plain sloppy. When websites are not tested properly, the chance that they will require re-work at added cost goes up. The CyberThinc website testing services include comprehensive web code (HTML/XHTML) validation and testing on a range of web browsers and operating systems, to ensure that clients have peace of mind regarding the smooth running of their websites.

Additionally, where any additional code is required (e.g. for forms, e-commerce etc), the testing procedure followed is equally thorough.

Whilst our almost 2 decades of professional experience in the web world has shown us that most developers of websites fail to undertake the most basic website testing, there are others who claim to test thoroughly, but do not provide evidence that they have – this can then rebound on them when clients find their website does not work in certain software environments. Rather than compromise a client website in this way, the CyberThinc website testing services also include a detailed list of the testing undertaken, and the results – ensuring the client does not only know that testing has been undertaken thoroughly, but also has a record of the testing. This is all part of the website development and management service we provide.


CyberThinc Website Testing Services Test Environments.

The following test environments are the core test environments which CyberThinc use for website testing services:

Web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • Konqueror

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X
  • Apple iOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat)
  • Google Android

Specialist developments have also been undertaken by CyberThinc previously to develop websites to work on web browsers such as Opera for Mobile Phones, running the Symbian Operating System.