Technical Documentation

Technical documentation and technical authoring are services that have expanded over time at CyberThinc Limited, growing from the initial technical documentation for IT projects and web documentation, through to providing technical authoring to ISO9000 and space qualification standards for clients, and producing documentation including the following:

  • Business Reports
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Position and Briefing Papers
  • Project Proposals
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Business Specifications
  • Design Specifications
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Lecture / Course Slides
  • Lecture / Course Handouts
  • Lecture / Course Handbooks

CyberThinc Limited can offer technical documentation, business documentation and technical authoring in a variety of formats, whether for hard copy reports, PC, tablet and smartphone based digital documents, through to powerpoint and similar style presentations.

Technical documentation / technical authoring areas.

Technical documentation and technical authoring with CyberThinc Limited actually cover a wide range of disciplines, and encompasses IT, education, transport, energy, health and space. We have worked on everything from background briefing papers for government departments to developing educational course material.