Internet of Things Services

The Internet of Things represents a massive growth market, with a range of service industries being needed to support internet of things services for the actual internet of things devices, the data they produce, and to ensure security of the device data and networks.

The Internet of Things will enable massive advantages in terms of operating efficiency and more detailed information on systems, environments and infrastructure, and in the process, the data requirements and related services alone for the internet of things will be huge, since whilst individual devices may not generate huge amounts of data, the combination of many simple internet of things devices, working together to provide finely grained detail for an application or regarding their surroundings, and all generating data will require significant data services, ranging from storage to data mining and data visualisation, as well as actual structural requirements.


CyberThinc Internet of Things Services

CyberThinc has practical experience of providing internet of things services through deploying embedded, network devices (both wired and wireless), and can provide services to install, configure, test and commission your very own Internet of Things, should you wish to be in the vanguard of technology adoption. The “Things” in the Internet of Things can range from networked manufacturing equipment to networked thermostats to networked room climate and environmental monitoring systems, to networked security sensors such as door / window magnetic switches, and IR sensors, to furniture occupancy sensors for checking on mobility impaired people who wish to retain their independence.

Carrying out our own Internet of Things research and development, means we have a good understanding of how the technology works, and can be used to enable efficiency gains, and in fact, through our Internet of Things consultancy, we have been able to highlight cost savings to a range of companies.