Audio and Video Services

Online Audio and Video Services

One service where CyberThinc really excels, is in providing a wide range of cutting edge audio and video services for our clients, ranging from getting client’s video showreels onto smartphones for instant cutting edge promotion, to the more mainstream downloadable and streaming video and audio on websites in a wide range of formats.

Where others just copy a video or music track onto a web page, we can, and frequently do get far more involved technically, since we believe that in order to offer the best service, we need to have the knowledge to understand our clients needs properly. We have experience with web based video extending back to 1996, but with the advent of broadband on a wider scale, CyberThinc became involved in a number of exciting online music and video developments. For more comprehensive website projects, we provide those additional audio and video services.

CyberThinc has invested heavily in terms of high quality audio and video equipment, training and time to ensure we can provide an expert service to our clients. As part of this service, it became clear that there were areas beyond web based video and audio, where we could apply our unique blend of talents and expertise. Subsequently, CyberThinc now provide more comprehensive video services encompassing digital video filming on site, video editing and post production to output to multiple digital video formats.


Specialist Audio and Video Services

The rocket science background provides Cyberthinc with unique expertise in extreme video applications, involving video operations in extreme environments such as deserts and mountainous terrain, getting video signals back from sources travelling supersonically, or from extreme distances.

We also undertake projects which require high speed video, and very sensitive, very high quality audio.

The combination of professional lighting, cameras, audio recorders, microphones, editing equipment, a professional editing suite, and the expertise and creativity required to use the equipment properly, ensures we can provide our customary high quality service. Currently, the following video and audio production services are catered for:

  • Mobile Video
  • Website Video
  • Video Production
  • Extreme Video Applications
  • High Speed Video
  • Specialist Audio Applications