Website Development and Management

The website development and management experience of the CyberThinc team is far wider than most, and includes development & management of websites to work on a diverse range of platforms such as the following currently:

  • Smartphone and Mobile Phone Websites
  • Tablets
  • PCs
And previously:
  • Phone and Public Web Kiosks
  • Internet TV Optimised Websites
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Mobile Phone WAP Pages

CyberThinc website development and management service.

With the CyberThinc website development and management services, clients have the peace of mind of knowing they have a company with a high level of professional experience of website development and management taking care of their needs, and that a client website will be optimised to ensure it downloads quickly, that the testing will be thorough, and the project will be fully documented with test results from our website testing services included. Whilst these services are all too frequently not included in website development offerings, we believe that going that extra mile in terms of service should not just be an extra service, but should be an integral part of the service.

Search Engine Optimisation

With a cheap website development, it is not generally considered financially practical to submit websites (certainly not manually submitting websites) to search engines, or to tailor web pages for the most optimal benefit for search engines. This is equivalent to having a product and then not doing any advertising or selling of the product – a sure fire way to not getting much of a return, or to limiting success.

CyberThinc prefer to work with our clients to ensure that we can ensure their websites are properly optimised and to submit their websites to major search engines right from the start. We want our clients to be successful, and will do all we can in relation to use of online website promotion, to provide customised online marketing strategies for our clients, and bespoke search engine optimisation solutions.