Internet of Things Consultancy

The Internet of Things is forecast to grow massively over the next few years, with the advantages of being able to deploy cost effective, small networked devices providing finely grained data on all aspects of infrastructure being a major benefit in terms of driving cost reductions, monitoring manufacturing processes, health and medical systems and the built environment to name but a few. If you need to make investment into this area, then Internet of Things Consultancy will be an important need to navigate you through this exciting area.

Internet of Things consultancy is a consultancy area in which CyberThinc can bring its wealth of practical experience coupled with deep knowledge of the technical, economic and social dimensions associated with the Internet of Things.

Additional to consultancy, CyberThinc Limited provides Internet of Things services to install and commission Internet of Things projects, and even undertakes practical Internet of Things research and development, testing devices, and even building prototype devices, to evaluate their practical usefulness, and what areas of life and work they may provide the earliest and most effective benefits.


CyberThinc Internet of Things Analysis.

We closely monitor the various trends across the Internet of Things domain as well as domains such as embedded microcontrollers and microprocessors, microelectronic sensors and devices, and digital communications developments, to look for potential technologies that will prove transformative, and others that provide a Medici effect where different technologies intersect, so we can more readily analyse if the Internet of Things devices can be used in other domains. We also look at the security aspects, the economic aspects and issues of cost relating to large scale deployment of Internet of Things devices, as well as the data bandwidth and data storage issues.


CyberThinc Internet of Things Consultancy.

The result of CyberThinc Limited’s work on the Internet of Things, whether research and development or service provision, is that we are extremely well placed to provide genuine, informative and very knowledgeable Internet of Things consultancy to clients, enabling us to keep clients briefed on developments that may impact their area of work.

There are many who can provide Internet of Things consultancy, but very few who have actually taken the time to work with the Internet of Things practically, to understand it, and to deploy it, and to understand the nuances of it in terms of such factors as ease of use, security and impact on surroundings. This is where CyberThinc can offer a considerable advantage.

If you need advice, guidance, consultancy on the Internet of Things, you can rest assured that we can provide you with the knowledge you need, not based on just presentations at events, but based on actual, physical building, connecting and writing software for Internet of Things devices. You need advice from people who understand the technology, rather than people who can just talk about the technology.