Website Documentation

The amount of website developers who provide clients with documentation to accompany their website is so small as to be almost non existent. As with the testing regime undertaken by CyberThinc, the real, previous Rocket Science background of some of the CyberThinc team, as well as ISO 9000 internal auditor background, ensures that clients are provided with website documentation to explain how the website works, what technologies it uses, where it is located etc. Now whilst a client may not ever want to read this documentation, they at least have the assurance that they have that information to hand, should they ever need it.

Additionally, CyberThinc provides documentation to support the various website tests we undertake, so that clients can be assured that their website has not just been put online without being properly tested and the tests documented.

Having seen people pay for websites with no support or backup, and then see people get stuck when the developers of their website suddenly vanish, CyberThinc believe that providing a decent quality service which includes the website documentation should be an essential requirement in any website development.

Website documentation is one of the areas that is left out with cheap websites, where websites are developed by people without any professional software engineering experience, and thus without the understanding of how professional documentation should be an integral part of the service.


CyberThinc Website Documentation.

The CyberThinc website documentation includes:

Website Documentation Included
Website Details
User Information
Website Certification Documentation
Website Validation Documentation