Ignition and First Light

After years of providing consultancy to clients regarding website architectures using content management systems, after years of even developing bespoke and off the shelf website architectures using content management systems for clients, CyberThinc has finally updated our website from a static page based website to a content management system, using WordPress.

Why only now? Because previously, we had been keen to take advantage of the fact that static web pages using server side includes could be optimised to a very small size, and that would result in very, very fast download times, and also enable us to ensure almost universal accessibility. In fact, in an earlier incarnation, the CyberThinc website was written to fit the entire website on a single 1.4 megabyte floppy disk!

Why a content management system? The web architecture for the new version of the CyberThinc website is planned to accommodate many more pages than for the previous version of the website, and it was obvious that a content management system was the way forward from an ease of update and maintainability perspective, although keeping the website clean and relatively uncluttered was still a priority.

Why WordPress? Having worked with off the shelf content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and developing some fairly complex custom content management systems from scratch, we felt that WordPress offered the most rapid system to set up and use. Drupal is extremely well specified, but was a bit over the top for our needs, and having been down the customised content management solution route numerous times before, we felt customised solutions were more specialised than we needed.

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