Mobile Consultancy

The mobile phone and tablet markets far surpass the size of the personal computer market, and with the growth of wireless networking, mesh networks, Bluetooth Personal Area Networks and smartphone and tablet technology, we are moving towards a more mobile device orientated society, where information can be quite literally “plucked” out of the air by wireless devices. The concept of always connected, instant knowledge devices has been around a while, and there are always business opportunities for those who are prepared to make the investment in these technologies, and a need for mobile consultancy.

CyberThinc has been working with mobile technologies both in office and out in the field environments for far longer than many of the recent entries into the market, and consequently, can provide mobile consultancy with the benefit of extensive practical experience to help shape your strategies in terms of enhanced, mobile business and personal applications.

We combine this mobile consultancy expertise with our strong background in strategic foresight and technology trend analysis, to enable us to provide useful and informative advice to our clients, not only on how to get the best out of their mobile strategies and technologies, but where the technologies are likely to be going in the future, and how to plan and develop strategies for future technology developments in the mobile arena, and what other factors will influence developments in the mobile space.

Mobile Consultancy Device Expertise

With a solid background in electronics and mobile hardware extending back as far as the first Apple Newton Personal Digital Assistants, as well as experience in the 1990s of writing websites and WAP pages for small form factor devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants, CyberThinc is well placed to offer real, practical analysis, strategy and solutions on mobile technologies.

The CyberThinc Mobile Test Suite includes Bluetooth Personal Area Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks (802.11), and Smartphone and Tablet mobile devices running iOS and the Android OS.

Previous incarnations of the CyberThinc test Suite used technologies ranging from Mobile phones and Smart phones running the Symbian Operating System (such as the Sony Ericsson P800 and Nokia 7650 smartphones, and the Nokia Communicator series), through to PalmOS PDAs (such as Palm and Sony Clie), Windows CE PDAs, and even legacy Psion PDAs, Apple Newton PDAs and brick type mobile phones, which were more transportable than portable! Such a comprehensive range of mobile technologies has enabled CyberThinc to test applications for devices, as well as the devices themselves, thoroughly, and to ensure we can cater to a diverse range of mobile consultancy requirements.

Wireless Expertise

With considerable expertise and experience in deploying wireless links in spacecraft applications, linking devices as much as 100 miles apart, using standard technologies, and using the intelligent application of Physics, the CyberThinc team can field a range of mobile consultancy skills that few can match. Whether providing wireless networking and communications in deserts or mountainous terrain, or onboard rockets travelling at supersonic speeds, CyberThinc has been there, done it, and solved all sorts of problems relating to teasing faint signals out of low power transmissions.

Transmission Equation

You don’t have to know about this, because we take care of all the physics for you!

On the road / field applications.

Another specialised area where CyberThinc can help clients is providing useful mobile consultancy regarding on the road and in-field applications. Within these areas, Cyberthinc have undertaken work on advising on mobile office strategies,  setting up example mobile offices, as well as advising on off grid mobile command and control capabilities and requirements, in locations as diverse as deserts, jungles, mountains and remote islands, where power options have to be based on renewable energy sources with appropriate energy storage backup, and client’s communications options differ significantly from those used for regular communications systems.

The CyberThinc Edge

As can be seen from the above examples of capability, the advantage for clients, is that when CyberThinc provide consultancy on mobile technologies, we are doing so from a position of strength. We have unique expertise, and we believe our mobile consultancy solutions reflect that experience, to give clients a competitive edge in this growing market. We can make the technologies understandable, rather than jargon laden – thus helping clients focus on their business needs rather than be confused by the difference between dBi and dBm, or how to calculate transmission equations.