Technology Trend Analysis

Technology Trend Analysis enables patterns in technological development to be determined by extracting historical data / information. For instance, for strategic foresight, a historical pattern of actions and events can be analysed and compared with similar topics to forecast future trends.

Technology Trend Analysis is a vital part of the Strategic Foresight Consultancy offered by CyberThinc Limited. It is sufficiently distinct from both the strategic foresight and mathematical modelling consultancy though, that it represents a separate line of consultancy in of itself.


Technology Trend Analysis Modelling.

Generally, we try to apply mathematical models and analysis to the potential trends, although not every trend is amenable to simple modelling, especially in the early phases of technology development, and in these cases, comparison with similar prior trends is helpful. The level of variety can be considerable, and at the other end of the analysis spectrum, CyberThinc has had to apply tools such as Fast Fourier Transforms for trend analysis related to Kondtratiev waves.

Sometimes backcasting is required, to “mine” the data across a broad spectrum of technology trends, to look for patterns that provide a way to develop an appropriate model. CyberThinc Limited has built up a large dataset of hundreds of technology trends, ranging from broad overall trends such as PC development, or aerospace technology trends through to the more specific, such as trends with individual connectors and electronics technologies. Having such a wealth of data enables us to rapidly converge on trends and their affects on other related technology areas in many cases.