Internet of Things Services

As well as providing consultancy services on the Internet of Things, the CyberThinc team has post degree level skills and knowledge of electronic systems, and from practical experience of sensor systems, networked devices and our ongoing research into the Internet of Things, we can deploy, configure, test and commission networked sensors and integrated systems for both commercial and domestic applications.
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Web Development and Management

In addition to providing web consultancy, CyberThinc has very extensive experience in planning, architecting, developing and managing websites and web based projects. The CyberThinc team have web related experience dating back to 1993 (pre Netscape and pre Internet Explorer Web Browser days), when the world wide web consisted of but a few hundred web pages, and internet experience dating back to the 1980s. Consequently, the development experience within the company is considerable, and clients can be assured that they are getting the services of some of the most experienced web experts around.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation services are specialised services offered as an additional enhancement to website development. Whilst they are incorporated into website development, it is a separate area of expertise, requiring specialised knowledge, which is why it is also provided as a separate service too.
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