CyberThinc provides a wide range of technical advice and solutions, and advise where technology is going in the future. We achieve this through an extensive coverage of disciplines from strategic foresight, IT consultancy to technical consultancy

CyberThinc is a UK based Limited Company providing a broad range of consultancy services ranging from strategic foresight and technology trend analysis through to Enterprise Architecture, Systems Engineering, Website Architecture and Management and the Internet of Things. With a wealth of experience drawn from the IT industry, as well as the high flying financial and space industries, Cyberthinc is all about being able to offer a unique, focused and flexible service to its customers.


Cyberthinc was established in the mid 1990′s, initially to address the growing demand for internet related solutions. Cyberthinc was first formed in 1994, when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, and grew to become a Limited Company 2 years later, in 1996. Website related consultancy and website development solutions have remained a core part of our services, since that time, giving us a commanding level of experience with 19 years of knowledge of the various technologies that have arisen over that time.

Online Development

Having been initially established to provide website development and management services, CyberThinc early on realised the importance of marketing a website to the world, rather than just creating a website. With this in mind, a search engine optimisation service was developed, tested, and added to the portfolio of services.

Technical Services

With early involvement in web based video in the 1990s, the next service to be added to the CyberThinc portfolio was video production services for websites and other digital media, along with expanded technical documentation services. The video and audio services enabled us to deliver websites to clients in the entertainment industry that enabled them to provide web optimised media content to show their range of talents.

IT Architecture

With increasing knowledge and experience, the range of services expanded into Web Architecture, Solutions Architecture and as project scopes became larger, Enterprise Architecture. These services were then also combined with the technical documentation services, providing full end to end project services, which have enabled us to deliver a range of IT architecture and management solutions for clients.

Research and the Internet of Things

From the late 1990s, CyberThinc undertook Research and Development into embedded devices and sensors, realising that there was a great deal of potential in this area. It has been a long time coming, but now with the expansion of the ‘Internet of Things”, this is now becoming a growth market, and an area we are well placed to provide Internet of Things consultancy to clients from a practical, and very experienced perspective.

Strategic Foresight

Leading on from work for a large corporate client in 1998, CyberThinc became involved in analysis of technology trends, and scenario modelling. By 2006, this led to CyberThinc being asked to provide what is now more commonly known as Strategic Foresight – a domain in which our knowledge of the technical world has proved to be extremely beneficial. Subsequently, our mathematical modelling approach combined with technical expertise has led to CyberThinc undertaking strategic foresight consultancy for several clients, ranging from UK government departments to SMEs.