Enterprise and IT Architecture

Enterprise and IT Architecture are business and technical disciplines which CyberThinc has been involved with quite extensively over the last decade, providing enterprise and IT architecture for large enterprises through to small and medium enterprises.


Enterprise Architecture.

A CyberThinc simple architecture diagram using MODAF

A CyberThinc simple architecture diagram using MODAF for a client’s web project

Enterprise Architecture is a high level discipline which ensures processes, IT and deliverables are aligned with the business strategy of an Enterprise’s business units. Sometimes it is misinterpreted as being specific to the IT systems of an enterprise, however, in reality, it encompasses a wider area of business operations than just IT, and includes business processes and services, documentation, governance, people, delivery as well as technically focussed topics such as information / data, communications technology, hardware, software.

The Enterprise architecture work undertaken by CyberThinc Limited has encompassed a range of business areas, and a range too of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks. We have experience with a variety of architecture frameworks, i.e. TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), The Zachman Framework and MODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework).

Our experience has taught us that there is no perfect architecture framework, and that applies to Enterprise and IT architecture, and some architecture frameworks really are applied in situations where they are unsuitable. The key is to be aware of this, and to be flexible about the approach. This is certainly an area CyberThinc Limited can provide valuable advice.


Simple IT Architecture Diagram

Simple IT Architecture Diagram

IT Architecture.

IT Architecture is a wide ranging term, and can encompass all of the following:

  • Systems Architecture,
  • Solutions Architecture,
  • Technical Architecture
  • Network Architecture,
  • Web Architecture,
  • Information Architecture,
  • Database Architecture.

Essentially, IT Architecture is a way of describing the other forms of architecture when applied to IT, without writing them all out!

The IT Architecture undertaken by CyberThinc Limited has included all the forms mentioned above, ranging from planning network and technical architectures through designing information, web and database architectures, to providing systems, technical and solutions architecture.