Website Analysis

Another often overlooked area of service in website development is analysis of the client’s requirements, and then full critical analysis of the website during development and following going live. We believe proper website analysis is essential.

Too often, websites are just knocked out as templates, into which no thought has been given as to the most appropriate way to convey useful information about a client, or to market a client’s services. This means the message the client wants to get across to those viewing the website is frequently lost. Whether using a template or a custom solution (and both work very well), this is where website analysis is key.


Website analysis strategy.

Analysis is what CyberThinc does well, whether technical analysis, business analysis, strategic foresight analysis, technology trend analysis or website analysis, we know what works, and how to provide your website with that extra service.

CyberThinc ensure that we sit down / communicate with our clients and make sure their requirements are clearly written down and understood. We try to involve our clients in the process so that we can get valuable feedback to ensure that our clients are happy with the way their website is progressing. We ensure that any information we require for the website is clearly communicated to our clients, and we provide information to our clients as to how their requirements were analysed, and how the website was analysed.